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Personal Projects by Dri-Bee

EndeFugue Records

I. Mr. Death & Me
He didn't know why Mr. Death chose him, he just knew he needed a job.

Esmund became an apprentice to Death (and unwittingly a criminal), faked his death, and changed his name to Thanatos. Meanwhile, his oldest friend, Odette has joined the Preternatural Agency, solving cases involving supernatural entities, creatures and individuals alike, until she stumbles across the murderer, Thanatos, only to find that it's Esmund. She struggles with hunting her friend unknowing that there are larger forces at work, larger than she realizes. People want Esmund/Thanatos for their own ends and their friendship is caught in the crossfire.

II. Thanatology
III. We Are Illuminated
Vanglorious Accords

I. Born Under the Caduceus Sign
Beware the old men in a world where men die young.

Mar, a veteran soldier and prisoner of war, returns home only to plunged into a civil war between the old and the new: the old residents, the old ways and spirits, and the old in general up against new settlers, new powers, and new desires and demands. IN an effort to help unify the country, Mar struggle to keep his own metaphysical demons at bay (literally) between biological warfare, assassinations, spies, and solving more than a mystery or two. He's drawn in, it seems more by happenstance than choice, as he discovers who the real enemy is and what they plan not only for the country, but especially for him too.

Book II. We Know Not Nepenthe
Book III. Into Eremos


I feel like... raging at a lot of people. For reasons. Multiple reasons. I'm done with this nonsense called reality. Can I leave now? No? Fine. "RAGE! RAWR! MORE RAGE! ANGRY COMMENT! MORE RAWRS! ANGRY COMMENT #2! UBIQUITOUS MANDATORY CURSE WORD! RAGE!" 
I think...I think...I think...! I think I fixed (more or less) my computer. TAKE THAT WINDOWS 10! TAKE THAT GOOGLE CHROME! I don't need you in all your RAM-sucking monstrosity, bloatware, and useless features!
Last week I got my ASVAB test scores back and for those who aren't my friend on good ole FB, I got a 97! I'm in the 97the percentile out of 99 & qualify for all the jobs! (Aside from the ones I'm too short for, haha.)


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